Lighting is one of the most critical and indispensable parts of indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The difference between good and bad lighting is that it can either make or break the scene. While higher levels of lighting can fill the room with positivity and cheer up one’s mood; poorly-lit environments can contribute to sadness or depression.

With the focus of the masses shifting towards efficiency and sustainable living, environment-friendly(also called eco-friendly) lighting has become the need of the hour.

Eco-friendly lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces can have several benefits including cost-saving, energy efficiency, lower power consumption, and a wider environmental effect.

Now let’s first understand what is eco-friendly lighting?

Eco-friendly lighting is lighting that is designed using energy-efficient sources of light. Eco-friendly lighting can be described as any form of lighting, including power, bulbs, and fixtures, which have a reduced impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly lighting benefits:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

    When electricity is produced using fossil fuels, a lot of greenhouse gases are released which then leads to global warming and negative environmental effects. We can reduce these harmful emissions by reducing the amount of energy consumed, hence eco-friendly energy-efficient bulbs can be used which require less energy to produce a strong light output.
  • Preserve finite sources:

    Fossil fuels are used to create electricity which has many negative effects on the environment and exhausts the finite amount of fossil fuels available. This is also unsustainable as it depletes resources for the future. Eco-friendly lighting or sustainable lighting are designed to reduce this impact.
  • Longevity:

    Eco-friendly lighting lasts longer as they consume less energy. LED lights have an extended lifespan and they last up to six times longer than other types of lights, thus reducing the requirement for frequent replacement.
  • Non-toxicity:

    Traditional fluorescent lighting can contain toxic elements like mercury, which makes these bulbs non-recyclable causing damage to the environment by contamination. Eco-friendly lighting solutions do not contain toxic materials and can be recycled, which helps protect the local ecosystems from toxic contamination.
  • Cost-saving:

    Since eco-friendly lighting consumes lesser energy and lasts longer, this kind of lighting solution saves cost.

How does Eco-friendly lighting affect our health?

Eco-friendly lighting solutions can help our health in several ways.

We know that eco-friendly lighting has non-toxic elements which do not contaminate the environment. Elimination of toxic elements from our lighting fixtures can help save the environment and thus, our health too.

Eco-friendly lighting fixtures such as LEDs are made up of recyclable material and do not contain any dangerous chemicals, thus recycling the LED does not cause harm to the environment. A better environment will lead to better and healthier living.

LEDs can help reduce headache and migraine issues. Light sensitivity is a common cause of these issues and LED lighting can help improve comfort levels by changing lights within a room.

LEDs can help decrease stress and anxiety levels. Humans naturally thrive on sunlight, so we can struggle with behavioral and mood changes when we’re lacking vitamin D in our diets. That being said, LED bulbs have the power to mimic the effects of natural light and imitate the complex nature of daylight to help improve health and wellness.

LED Lights can improve our learning performance. Fluorescent lighting can cause tiredness and thus reduce efficiency in learning and working. However, the LED lighting technology takes off a lot of stress as this technology possesses mild thermal conditions, beautiful designs, and good quality that doesn’t impact our mood, cognitive function, and overall performance.

LEDs help improve the quality of sleep. We know that an inadequate amount of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns can cause problems like decreased productivity, headaches, and depression. In the winter months, LED lights to help with the production of a natural hormone called melatonin which allows us to relax and have better sleep.

We at Shreelite, aim at providing our customers with eco-friendly lighting solutions which can help them improve their quality of living