Choosing the right kind of fancy lighting for your home is even more crucial for a beautiful-looking space. Since nowadays, we have a wide variety of fancy lighting ideas to choose from, it becomes a bit difficult to find the right fit for your lighting needs. But set aside the worry as we have created this list of 8 Top Trends in Fancy Lighting Ideas you must try for a brighter and more beautiful living space.

1. Oversized Fancy Lighting Fixtures

Earlier, homeowners wanted their lighting fixtures to just blend in or be as minimal as possible. However, the current trend is shifting towards larger lighting fixtures. Larger lighting attracts attention and gives the space a grandeur look. This kind of lighting can be used in a central area to light up the maximum space. A large pendant lighting fixture or a huge chandelier can be used over the dining table or in the living room.

2. Black and Brass Finishes

Black and brass finishes are the latest trends in fancy lighting. Brass finishes look elegant and attractive. We are seeing a rise in warmer colors in home interior decor, and brass falls well within the spectrum so we can easily say that brass finishes are here to stay. Homeowners seem to have fallen in love with warm and earthy tones and brass finishes give them just what they want, a clean and contemporary decor.

3. Geometric and Symmetric Fancy Lighting

Geometrical and symmetric lighting designs are timeless and they are never going to get out of fashion. Geometric and symmetrical lighting fixtures give a nice focal point in your space and compliments the decor of the room. Moreover, geometric and symmetric lighting is open and not very distracting, hence it does not steal away the beauty of other decor items in the room.

4. Less Cluttered, More Cleaner designs

Modern decor is mostly clean and clutter-free. Old lighting fixtures used to have complex designs that worked well at the time. But in modern homes, these days, old and complex designs do not blend well with the modern styled space. Like the design and decor of the room, lighting also needs to be updated as per modern trends. Most homeowners prefer cleaner lighting designs that make their homes look simple yet classy.

5. LEDs are the way to go

Incandescent bulbs create a lot of waste in the form of heat. On the contrary, LEDs are more efficient and environmentally friendly forms of lighting. With the focus of the masses shifting toward sustainable living, more homeowners are preferring LEDs over other forms of lighting. Another advantage of LEDs is that there are a variety of styles available in lighting fixtures.

6. Use of Smart technology

Smart technology has entered many areas of our everyday life, including residential interior lighting. Smart technology or smart lighting allows you to manage your lighting through remote-controlled functions.

This system can be easily installed in your home and can connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri for voice control activation. This kind of system looks very sleek and modern, and more appealing than a typical switch. This technology also allows you to connect with your GPS location, so when you arrive near your home, the lights will be turned on automatically.

7. Vintage With a Modern Twist

Vintage lighting styles with a modern twist works for almost all kinds of spaces. We see a trend in vintage-looking styles but with modern upgrades like new materials and cleaner designs. Vintage-styled fancy lighting fixtures give your homes a unique focal feature. They look very different and attractive.

8. Dimmable Lighting Fixtures

Smart lighting technologies like dimmable lighting fixtures allow homeowners to dim lights whenever they want. A dimmer can help you adjust the brightness of a bulb, helps save energy, and cuts glare. You can convert any lighting to become a nightlight and offer a friendly ambiance on an evening. With color-changing and dimmable LEDs, the color temperature can also be regulated automatically as the light dims.

Now that we’ve discussed the latest trends in fancy lighting to decorate our homes, we also understand that it is not possible for you to illuminate and decorate your home on your own. You may not be able to figure out what kind of lighting would look best in your home. If you’re wondering who can give shape to your imagination, we are here to help. Click here to get in touch with Shreelit

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